This bundle includes two full courses:

  1. How To Dot Your Mandala with A Brush (4 weeks course)
  2. Swirl & Swoosh it! (6 weeks course)

The first course of the bundle:

Brush-Dotting is an easy learned skill, it is used by the best dot artists and it is the most meditative dotting technique existing out there.

in this course you will learn

  1. How to mix and dilute your paint to the right consistency for this technique. This way you will forever be able to turn any acrylic paint you find into a dotting paint.
  2. "The drop that doesn't drip" formula.
  3. How to correctly prepare your surface for dotting.
  4. How to load your brush correctly and control dot size and spacing.
  5. How to treat and revive your old brushes and create great, finest brushes for dotting.
  6. The step by step walkthrough of brush-technique for dotting.
  7. How to relax and be in the moment when dotting.

...and many more tricks and tips for easy mandala dot art with brushes.

You will practice with unique Worksheets (you won't find anywhere els) that are specially designed to gradually and constantly lead you from doubting to dotting.

What you'll need for Brush Dotting course

1. Acrylic paint - preferable tube paint- creamy/pasty/heavy body such as: Jo Sonja, Amsterdam, Liquitex, Arteza etc. (NOT liquid bottled paint- such as Americana/Folk Art etc.)

2. Flow medium for acrylics.

3. white gesso for acrylic paint (if your canvas is not sealed already with gesso).

4. Mid-long synthetic fine brushes / detail brushes in different sizes and flat brush for surface painting.

5. Craft knife.

6. Mini canvas 4"X4" (10cmX10cm) or 8"X8" (20cmX20cm).

7. Coloured carbon tracing paper.

8. Pencil.

9. Clear varnish spray (the one you use to seal your stones will do, and it is not a must).

10. Pallet for paint mixing and scooping.

11. Clean water in a mug/glass/small container for brush cleaning (preferable two).

12. Clean water in a different container - for paint mixing.

13. Paper cloth for brush drying.

15. Paper tape.

The full list with links inside the course

To swoosh easily, you need to have a certain level of confidence handling a brush and dotting with a brush. 

If you have never dotted with a brush before, or if you are not yet confident with your brush when dotting, this bundle is made for you!

We will begin with the How To Dot Your Mandala With A Brush course and once you have mastered Dotting (in only 4 weeks) then we move on to Swirling and Swooshing course.

The main reason to first learn how to properly dot with a brush is that in my brush dotting course I teach the basics of paint mixing, how to get to the right consistency of the paint and recognize it, as well as how to brush-load correctly. Theses chapters are not repeated in Swirl & Swoosh it Course and are essential to the course.

The second course of the bundle:

Freehand swooshes and swirls, painted with a BRUSH, are a step-up in gaining even more confident and freedom of your painting hand. They are a step-deeper into meditative state of mind and a step-higher to a joyous, playful feeling- once properly controlled and executed. 

The joy you get from freely swooshing makes you smile! I promise you!

in this course you will learn

  1. How to create fantastic Freehand Swirls and Swooshes, using brushes.
  2. My secret technique called VELVET DOODLE TECHNIQUE
  3. Introduction to my PEARLY DOTS
  4. Working with Iridescent and metallic paints.
  5. Introduction to color blending.
You will practice with my unique worksheets that are specially designed to gradually and constantly lead you to master swirling and swooshing with a brush

What will you need for this course?

For the practice worksheet you will need:

1. Printed copies of the worksheets.

2. Any acrylic paint you like to paint with (not metallic).

3. Flow medium.

4. Water

5. 2-3 Fine details brushes.

For the stones we'll be painting:

4 Casted stones / natural stones / wood pebbles - AS YOU WISH.

( I used 3 wood pebbles 7 cm diameter and 1 casted stone using the 7.5 cm mold #3 by Happy dotting company).

*you can use these sizes or larger.

Paint and colours for the stones:

First let me just remind you that colours are of your choice!

A full list of the colours and paints I used provided inside the course curriculum, on the first chapter.

Final project of this courses done by my amazing students

Alexandra Makri

How To dot Your Mandala With A Brush

Susan Nelson

Swirl & Swoosh it!

Dolores Skowronek

How To Dot Your Mandala With A Brush

Theresa Malone

Swirl & Swoosh it!

Aura Edge

How to Dot Your Mandala With A Brush

Inna Viļenska

Swirl & Swoosh it!

Nicole Mills

How To dot Your Mandala With A Brush

Simone Boekhoud

Swirl & Swoosh it!

Theresa Malone

How To Dot Your Mandala With A Brush

Hetal Patel

Swirl & Swoosh it!

Petra Smulders

How to Dot Your Mandala With A Brush

Susanne Schmidt

Swirl & Swoosh it!

Hi, i'm Liona Hotta

I believe dot art is one of the most wonderful ways to express beauty and experience calmness, to center and actively meditate. This form of art does not require you to be a learned artist, to have former experience in shading, light, or composition. It is available for everyone at any age and point of time. For the past 20 years, I have been living dedicating myself to my various creative expressions. In the last 4 years, this has been through the joy of creating and teaching mandala dot art.

Since opening The Online Mandala Dot Art Academy and launching my flagship course HOW TO DOT YOUR MANDALA WITH A BRUSH in December 2019, thousands of students from all over the world have joined me in discovering their own bliss in dot painting.

As a teacher and student myself, I understand the thrill and allure of mastering new skills – it’s exhilarating; builds confidence and self-esteem – not just in our creative endeavors, but also in our daily lives! Due to this fact, and on the request of many enthusiastic students I am continuously extending the classroom so I can keep sharing my knowledge and experiences beyond these courses.

I keep creating courses, that are gradually exposed and served so that you, my fellow dot artist, are able to evolve and continue your dot-learning journey.

What students say about my courses:

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