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Then what is it?

I've been extremely excited to lead a series of captivating live talks sessions titled
within our Facebook Group.
These live talks I conducted have been compiled here for your convenience, and this collection will continue to grow with each new session.
The sessions were freely available for viewing on our Facebook group for a 24-hour period, and afterward, they are integrated into this program's curriculum, providing you with permanent access.

What did we explore so far?

We gained valuable insights into
the importance of symmetry and explored different techniques to enhance our skills.

We started with non-sketched mandalas, which proved to be an incredible tool for improving our eye-hand coordination and sharpening our perception of symmetry.
Then, we ventured into partly-sketched mandalas, learning how to effortlessly maintain symmetry using simple guidelines like cross lines and circles.
Finally, we unleashed our creativity with sketched mandalas—a space where there are no limits, where we can unwind, let go of any stress, and express ourselves freely with imagination.

Color was a topic that had sparked endless discussions.
It was a subject that could be explored for years, offering numerous avenues for analysis, different approaches, and interpretations.
Personally, I had been thrilled about this topic because it held boundless potential for the growth of our creativity.

Our journey into the captivating world of color usage in Dot Art began. It was an experience filled with inspiration, gentle exploration, and personal expression.
We started by exploring the multitude of color styles in dot art. We drew inspiration from the mesmerizing pieces we found online and started annotating our own personal COLOR preferences. It was a chance to discover what truly resonated with each of us and uncover the reasons behind our unique connections to colors.

We dived deeper into what I liked to call "Intuitive Color Combinations." Together, we tapped into our intuition and consciously accessed harmonious color choices.
In our dedicated session on Color Repetitions, or as I liked to call them, "Color Rhymes," we explored the techniques that brought harmony to our dot art. The captivating patterns that made our artwork sing. It was all about finding the balance and rhythm that made our creations truly special.
And that wasn't all! We explored a plethora of color gradient techniques, opening up a world of possibilities. From vibrant and lively colors to elegant and sophisticated hues, and even the soothing palettes of neutral and ecological choices, we covered it all. 
Participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the diverse color choices available, a wide range of possibilities at their fingertips to create dot art that reflected their unique vision and style.
In this colorful journey, we even explored the enchanting world of pearly and metallic colors. Participants were captivated by their shimmering beauty as they added a touch of glamour and fascination to their artwork.
Given the vastness of this subject, I had assured everyone that I would do my best to provide clear and specific information. However, it was important to note that covering every aspect was impossible. Instead, I had carefully selected what I believed was relevant when it came to applying color to Dot Art, or more specifically, how I personally approached it.

It's a secret.
You can watch the video to find out...

Embracing the Sale of Your Art
Selling one's art is a subject that often stirs controversy and weighs heavily on us artists.
Many times, we shy away from it, sometimes avoiding it altogether until our homes overflow with finished pieces, and we've gifted our creations to everyone we know.
We always find compelling reasons not to delve into this realm, often declaring, "I have no intention of selling my art," and pushing the thought aside.
In this live session, I delve into these emotions and share my perspective on the art of selling and pricing my creations.

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Get the entire series including future sessions now