Building Skills

After mastering dotting with squeeze bottles, this next skillset will allow you to create solid geometric shapes like swooshes.


In this course, I offer a step-by-step guide to achieving consistent swoosh results with squeeze bottles. My original & unique approach is great for painters with some experience.


Create stunning designs with unconventional painting techniques. Find your own style using acrylic paints and squeeze bottles. Learn about the tools & techniques used to create stimulating visual & tactile patterns.

About my Artistic Journey

As a way to balance my daily life, I started painting on river rocks in 2016. It didn't take long before my hobby turned into an obsession. I found myself giving more of my free-time & energy to exploring different mediums, paints & tools. Along the way I even discovered some unconventional approaches. These new techniques didn't have much documentation. So I had to pioneer & develop my own set of tools.

Years later, I still paint every day. I look for inspiration everywhere in life. And love the freedom it brings, being open minded to the creative process.

I hope my passion for dot painting inspires others to explore their creative passions.

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